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When building your own website or getting one developed by a web design agency, it is important that you build it the way you want it and incorporate bells and whistles that will help its functionality. One way you can improve your website is by implementing widgets on your website. Widgets are components that add features to your site that enables you to perform a function of a service. Think of the widgets as a remote control for your website.


Widgets used to provide a user interface that connects with other third-party platforms. In fact, implementing widgets on your website can be beneficial because it allows the user ease of use. The following are ten widgets that could help your business, your website, and more importantly customers!

Reservio is a widget that can very helpful to those that take appointments frequently. It is an online booking widget that can help people make appointments easier and quickly. Some features that Reservio offers include online booking, reminders, and set calendars.

One feature of Reservio is that it is able to do an online scheduling calendar. Whether it is one on one or group appointments, you can easily control it through the calendar. They can filter the calendar day by day, through employee, or service, and much more.

A second feature is customer management. In Reservio, you can become more organized with your clients by saving their contacts easily through the widget. This way you can have a full saved list of your many clients and allows you to easily search through the database of your contacts.

The third feature of Reservio is reminders, whether you tend to forget easily or piled up on numerous clients and events, you can easily set up reminders to keep you organized and plan your days accordingly. The reminding feature can also help you by sending them reminders out to your clients to let them know they have an upcoming appointment.

Next is online booking, save you or your client’s time by allowing them the ability to book online. Booking online is a service that is available to all 24/7 with multiple different ways to set up an online booking. This could be set up as a manual or automatic to help you be more productive and save time.

Smartsupp is a widget that can help you by improving your customer service experience on your website. This widget can allow you to build a better communication channel with customers or clients by implementing live chat. Live chatting allows you and the client to communicate in real-time as if they were in front of you in person. Smartsupp can be helpful for those who have no possible chance to meet up with their customers in person so the only way to communicating through online video chatting.

The Smartsupp widget can help with those who have a strictly online business website. Video chatting can allow the customer to talk with you if they ever have any questions about the products you are selling. Also, video chatting can make sure that you and the customer are communicating in real-time and get their questions answered right away instead of sending an email and having to wait. Smartsupp is built and designed to be used as easily as possible for customers. The more organized and easier the widget is, the more satisfied customers will be increasing the sales.

Elfsight is a widget calendar that can inform you of any upcoming event within a few clicks. This can also help your customers by updating them about your future by using premade templates or creating your own to make things more organized for your customers. You can also manage your events by adding locations, hosts, messages, and much more.

Elfsight also includes the statistics showing you the visitor engagements you may have, and all the details involved with the events that you setup. Another great thing about Elfsight is the better and fast experience that it gives users.

With all the events and information given on the calendar, users will have a better experience with the fast interface that they will receive when looking through the calendar. With all the events that can be added on Elfsight, there can be multiple popups that can clump up the area. If this was to ever happen, you can manage this mess by hiding the popups that you get a cleaner look. Popups on the events can include the dates, when, where it’s being held, the location, and sharing options.

Another feature incorporated in the widget is content. Being able to create different types of events in any way you like and make it present to you in a few small clicks. Also, you can save the event to review it later showing the location, place, and information much easier and in a shorter time.

Widgets like Survio allow you to create new surveys in just a few minutes. Surveys are a great way to improve your website or business from visitors by gathering information from them. When using Survio to create new surveys, you can choose from many different templates of examples. Survio is suitable for those that question their visitor’s satisfaction with the organization.

You can add surveys at the end of your customers visit in order to learn what you did wrong or right so that you get an insight. Another thing you can do with Survio is to manage RSVPs easier, identifying client needs, and promote events by using surveys. Schools can also use surveys in their class to learn more about how they are doing. Such as tracking their student’s process or creating an open student to teacher conversation. The basic version of Servio is free but is often limited compared to the premium which has a more advanced menu on surveys to provide.

GetResponse is a great widget used for an email with other features and benefits included. This platform gives you the tools to help grow your sales and succeed in online marketing with online management tools.

With GetResponse, you are able to send well designed responsive emails and also increase sales on subscriber engagements through email marketing campaigns. If you want to set up an online email marketing, GetResponse can help you with that in just a few small steps. They can help you set up a fully functional campaign with easy use whether you are an experience or just starting out marketer.

GetResponse also allows you to build templates with landing pages, emails, and much more that work in a smooth flow. You can sell all the products, build a list, and even promote email marketing all in one platform. In Get Response, when you build your online marketing, customers can have an automated abandoned car that reminds others that they still have products still saved. GetResponse also has tools to make the design much more appealing with promotional banners and videos and campaign ads.

Gumroad is an online digital service to help those to sell a product online. This widget is helpful to those that run a blog and want to sell a book and can use the Gumroad widget to make that happen. Gumroad also can help deliver you your license key.

If you don’t sell any products, you can also offer out rentals to your customers such as film rents at a lower price. Another special feature of price on products is the different types of currency. If the visitors are from a different country, they can convert their currency to whichever works best for them.

In Gumroad, you can create a layout for your products with different images, audio, or video covers to make them stand out more. Another feature that you can add to your website for some products is the ability to pre-order either a digital or physical product and pick a release date so that your customers won’t be charged until then. You can personalize your profile in Gumroad by implementing links like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and share your profile with other media.

Wufoo is an online form creation that can help you create custom online forms in just minutes. With Wufoo’s features, it allows you to collect data about your payments and increase your workflow. You can create and build beautiful online forms without the effort of writing any codes. A feature of Wufoo is a form builder that can make drag and drop your best friend without much effort of building forms.

Another is collecting data and payments which can be created to your own liking. Wufoo also integrates automated features to help keep your workflow always moving so you the marketer can spend less time on tedious tasks and focus on more important things. The next useful feature is the data saving ability, this can always help by adding in powerful security that keeps all your important data saved.

PhotoSnack is useful if your website ever needs a slideshow to help better incorporate your ideas. It can help you by providing friendly slide shows or upload photos from your other media accounts to show on your portfolio. You also have the ability to add smooth animations and transitions between your slides to create more of a professional look. You could upload pictures into your slide show that can end up uploading them to your social media and also add special effects like texts, shapes, and even photos.

Finally, you can save and upload your work as an MP4.

AddThis is a great service that offers a great service for creating a social media floating button on your website. You can think and develop creative designs that you like and implement them onto all your websites.

Some features of AddThis are share buttons, follow buttons, list building, link promotion, tip jar, and relating posts. Share buttons can help make your content shareable to everyone with a simple click allowing you to relate to any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and much more.

Next is the follow button, this can help you build your audience with any visitors to help you create engagement and boost your brand name. Another on the list of features is list building, this can help you integrate an email list of priority mail from marketing platforms and help increase the sale values. Link promotion is a feature that can improve the traffic of your business by linking your business towards other businesses to promote your website. Tip jar and related posts, a way to give your visitors and support a chance to donate towards your business and keep the visitors engaged with related content on your website.

eClincher is a social media tracker that can give you a more detailed analysis of a quick breeze with little effort. EClincher also allows you the ability to track your website's traffic in real-time, social impact, and manage social media accounts on the same dashboard. In eClincher, you can actively reach others and influence your brand in real-time and also monitor the engagement that visitors have with your brand.

Widgets can offer many benefits for businesses looking to solidify, simplify, and make life easier in terms of workload, web design, online marketing, and customer experience.

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