What Many Websites Are Missing

Many companies overlook their online presence, specifically their websites when trying their best to create a business. It is essential to be able to spread the word on these services, and very quickly as well. When your target audience can find you online from wherever they might be, that will only help you grow. Hence, there are many areas to consider when starting a website.


Firstly, and something that I believe to be one of the most critical factors in creating a website design. Why is the method so particular? You may be asking yourself, well, this becomes so important because when people click on your site, whatever you have for display/organization is what they will judge. First impressions are everything; you don't want to overwhelm them with information, but you also don't want to simplify it so they cannot find what they are looking for. What is a clean aesthetic, though? A clean aesthetic with consistent elements will not only have a viewer enjoying their experience but also keep them for longer. This entails a lot, but the basics are pleasing to the eye, like nice neutral colors, smooth font, or lovely transitions. Using this to your advantage will have people consuming your content and consuming it more enjoyably.

Speaking of consuming more content, next, I would like to talk about ease of use or navigation. Having a website that is easy to navigate and look for information. Whether someone isn't super tech-savvy or can easily use the internet, all your viewers should be able to get through your website without any significant trouble. Having a good structure which is how pages on a site are connected and organized, makes getting through or finding what you're looking for much more accessible. Simple dropdowns and menus that are easy to find also are a great touch. Even simple things like the HyperLink I used at the beginning of this paragraph are simple touches that make it easier to navigate.

Moving forward but also connected to navigation is optimized for mobile users. You should know by now that our cellular devices are more vital than ever. Heck, we have a whole NASA computer in our back pocket. So, it's only fitting that we adjust for the times and keep in mind that many of your users will be accessing via their phones. To ensure we don't drive these people away, you must design your website with them in mind. They will know you created it for them. Not only do you have to think about format since it is a smaller screen, thinking about how not to overwhelm them with information as you have a lot more room on a computer, but also making sure functionality is still there with buttons working where and how they are supposed to, changing the way dropdowns are or any other interactive things.

What do you want people to first see or get from your website? You have to think about this genuine question to achieve maximum results. Many businesses go wrong in this category because they give the viewer so many options to choose from in so many creative and interactive ways that some forget what they want their viewer to get out of it. Having what you want to give them front and center or in a way that they can't miss it and in the same way, you want them to stay, you also want to give them the satisfaction of being able to find what they are searching for. Also, a CTA allows more profound engagement with the viewer, but it will enable a greater conversion rate.

I don't see enough websites using testimonials to prove their credibility. Having these is an easy way to show how you compare to your competitors and give you that edge. When people choose what service to go with or are just reaching out to companies for ANYTHING, they like to reflect on the experience of other customers to establish a reason for choosing one over the other. Facts aside, it's pretty apparent why websites with testimonials do much better than those without or at least see an improvement, and it's also effortless to see why. Seeing that someone else has gone through the website and had a positive response lets the viewer know that your company is doing its job. It's also shown that adding an image to the review does even better!

Having all your information updated and relevant will help your website out, and it's clear to see why. Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a link and being an error because this side of the website doesn't work anymore or seeing listings for specific prices or info that might not be right anymore. Keeping all your information updated, like your location and Google Maps, allows you to further that positive experience for the viewer because they don't have to deal with the bs of running around your website or doing extra things like contacting you when this information is something they should have to click only a few buttons.

One thing about this is not having over-written useless paragraphs that explain something, whether it's boring history that you don't need or over-explaining something. Either of them shouldn't bore your audience to the point where they might leave. Not only this, but having elements like videos, short bursts of information, and quotes from customers is good content that showcases your business better than writing an essay for your viewers to read.

It's supposed to be easy to access this information. This can also go along with up-to-date information, but having good maintenance done regularly on your website does wonder. The main thing with this is that if something on your website doesn't work, like something interactive, videos, or web pages, it makes it much harder for your company to do your service. This eventually drives customers away. No one wants to use an unusable website. That's why it's online.

Ultimately, your website will help your business thrive no matter how you do it. But you can add these elements to your website to improve user experience. These will maximize your profits and foot traffic, improving interactions and business expansion.



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