What is needed to create a Web Design Agency?

What is a Web Design agency?:

  1. Alignment — clean and organized design
  2. Hierarchy — creating a page that emphasizes important aspects by changing the style of elements
  3. Contrast — draws attention through differences in components/mediums
  4. Repetition — keeping the page organized by tying pieces together.
  5. Proximity — logically keeping things organized
  6. Balance — visual flow and stability of a website
  7. Color — tying the elements and page together — sets the mood
  8. Space — helps to highlight important information — limiting distractions

Goals for the company:

Create a website and online portfolio:

What types of jobs are in the agency?:

Account Director/Manager

Art Director

Creative Director

Graphic designer

UI/UX designer

Digital Marketers

Experiences needed:

Services provided

  1. Logo design — Creates logo designs for the website or company brand
  2. Photography — Doing photoshoots for the clients. Images will be used on the website
  3. Videography — Creates videos for advertising and marketing purposes
  4. Content writing — Creating content not just for text-based content but also for blogs and social media posts
  5. Marketing — Taking your brand to your users. Supervises all stages of the project
  6. Studio managing — Ensuring everything suns well in the studio by taking care of the admins
  7. Brand strategy — maintains brand through research and analysis of trends
  8. Copywriter — In charge of coming up with slogans and scripts for the studio


  • Small business website(8 to 16 pages) — $2,000 to $9,000
  • Large business website(25 to 75 pages) — $10,000 to $35,000
  • E-Commerce website(100 to 1,000) — $5,000 to $55,000
  • Database website(20 to 2,000) — $6,000 to $75,000

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A Seattle web design and online marketing agency that delivers high-end websites. A passion for web development and SEO.

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A Seattle web design and online marketing agency that delivers high-end websites. A passion for web development and SEO.

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