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Web Design Jobs in Seattle

Getting Started in Web Design

Since March 2020, when “quarantine” had started for many of us in fear of the coronavirus, we have used many online services. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, Internet usage on online communication apps like Zoom has gone from 40% to 100%. We also resorted to online shopping, especially with quick delivery services like Amazon Prime, which delivers the next day or two days, or Postmates and Doordash. Technology has also been beneficial in helping small businesses migrate online to continue working during the pandemic. But when we look at these websites, the ones that visually display all the information needed that is easily navigated, we think, who the people who created these websites and contributed to making our consumer lives easier are? We appreciate them for making this site easy to use and attractive to the eye. Those people are web designers and developers. We have them to thank for helping us be about to socialize, shop, and surf the web like clockwork. And because we have all these ways to utilize the Internet, it pushes us to move further and use technology to our advantage.


Web Experts Needed in Seattle & Surrounding Areas

As we progress in technology and rely on the Internet to search for what we want, we can find almost anything online. We can find retail shops, blogs, businesses, and more online! While we watch everything migrate to the technological world, new jobs, specifically in web design, are being curated to cater to different companies so everyone can contribute to this technological revolution. These companies and businesses need the visual and interactive component of their products to be online, and that’s where web designers step in. In Seattle, as a city growing alongside technology, website and online creators are needed more than ever to create these online visuals to help develop small start-up companies and continue to help further develop big companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and T-Mobile.

Demand for Seattle Web Design Jobs

Now a day’s, web design jobs are needed because big and small companies need creative people to ensure that their business or blog can be translated from traditional advertisement to online platforms well. This includes the visual process of how it looks, how easy it flows together, how easy it is to navigate through, and, most importantly, that the website is fully functioning. Additionally, good web designs that hit all those points can help bring revenue for those companies and, in turn, into your pockets. Web designers are needed to help create the front face of a company because they allow for creative people who turn to web design or development as another creative outlet and benefit the company. Web design and development are also constantly growing because people have new start-ups and ideas all the time, but not everyone has an eye for design. In a technologically advanced city like Seattle, that also means that more jobs will be needed for future web designers to unleash their creativity onto the web.

Exploring the Wages of Web Developers in Seattle

If you were to google “web design jobs in Seattle” right now or “growth of web design jobs in Seattle,” you would see dozens of indeed.com or salary.com results before seeing an actual article about those searches. The search results become the actual evidence. Web design and development is an increasingly rewarding job for people with creative portals into the world of technology. Big-name websites for job searches and salaries estimate that you can average $42,000 a year starting in Seattle. Glassdoor suggests that web designers can make $42,000 to $77,000 a year, depending on experience, with an average of around $56,000. Salary.com also offers that web designers can make $56,000 to $85,000 a year, depending on the occasion, with a median pay of $72,000. In Seattle, the cost of living is around $72,000, so if some web design salaries start at $72,000 and grow even more, you can find yourself living comfortably with your career. As we see new jobs being created and observe the upward growth trend, we can expect these salaries to grow to fit the demand for job opportunities.

Technology & Web Design Go Hand-in-Hand

We all know that technology is essential to society. We use technology for everything, and one of the most significant parts of technology is the Internet. Since we are now adapting to technology, it is guaranteed that the Internet will never go away. Thus, web designers will always be needed. Without web designers, you wouldn’t see the visual component of internet surfing.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the opportunity for job growth in web design will shoot 8% from 2019 to 2029, and 13,400 jobs for web design will be created annually (bls.gov). That means higher job security and a constant upward trend for employment growth in Web design. With the city of Seattle having large corporations such as Amazon, AT&T, Microsoft, and more, we are assured that we will be part of this significant growth in jobs. With jobs constantly being created, we can also expect the salary of these jobs to increase due to demand and grow higher for tenured employees.

How to Find Web Design Careers in Seattle

When searching for web design jobs in Seattle, you can contact online sources for help. Googling web design/development jobs is the easiest way, as the Internet is one of your most significant resources. It gives you the salary of the jobs, and Google also has a feature that shows job listings. You can also research big research tech companies to see if they have any job openings available or internships. In a company with job listings for big companies, you will see numerous job listings for smaller start-ups. Securing a job with smaller start-up companies will increase your chances of landing at a larger institution like Apple or Amazon.

You can also utilize job fairs or talk to your advisor in college. Highline College offers job fairs all the time. Job fairs are a great way to seek jobs you might be interested in and gain insight into the career you want. It is also a way to network. College is a great time to be networking and meet people. You can start by creating relationships with peers who want to do the same thing or keeping a relationship with your professors because the people you surround yourself with may be the most significant source.

People are needed for coding and web design. If you are not in college, you want to have technical skills by teaching yourself online. Many coding courses are free, or you can go to a self-taught route where you introduce yourself via YouTube and Research. You can also attend boot camps, which teach you the basics and allow you certification. Boot camps for web design and development are also a great way to get into start-up companies, which will gain you exposure. But most importantly, you must work towards creating a portfolio that exhibits your work.

LinkedIn is another excellent source allowing you to network with others and look for jobs. LinkedIn is a social networking platform enabling you to apply for jobs simultaneously. It allows you to represent your resume as Facebook represents you by creating a profile. You can showcase your work and your experiences and share your progress. More notably, people can recruit you for jobs based on what you show off and your profile.

Gain Experience

After working with smaller companies and getting more experience, more prominent companies will be more likely to hire you because by then, you have had the experience, have a quality portfolio, and have work to show for yourself, and what better way to showcase all your knowledge and work than LinkedIn.

Why Should You Choose Web Design in Seattle?

Web design is an excellent career for people who like coding and enjoy designing visuals. More importantly, the demand for web design is high in Seattle, WA, and surrounding areas. It is a great career choice because it allows people with no college degree to join. All you need are technical skills and experience, but of course, a degree is always recommended but optional. Because web design is primarily code, it suits people who like to make art and exercise their brains. Web design is also a modern way for artists to discover another outlet to unleash their creativity.

With our society continually accelerating into a technological age, especially in such a progressive city as Seattle, web designers and developers need to help translate these ideas from big and small companies into web pages. Some people even call Seattle the next Silicon Valley, with numerous small companies starting up in the tech world and is home to Microsoft and Amazon, which are widely known as some of the largest tech companies in the world.

Start Now as a Seattle Web Designer

Thousands of jobs are opening annually, allowing for higher job security and a lot of room for advancement. With that being said, the time to start is now!




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