The differences between website design in the USA and Europe.

6 min readApr 3, 2020

Web design in each country has different characteristics. In Asia, for example, they focus more on content than on presentation. In contrast, in Western countries, they focus more on presentation. Both are important as long as we balance both. In fact, it helps the content and website attract more viewers and users.

Have you ever thought there is a difference between the design of websites in the US and European countries? Although they are all Western countries, each has a different design style.

USA & Dutch Website Comparisons

Firstly, according to the YOAST website’s article published in 2014, they looked at between locales of dental specialists from the US and destinations of dental specialists from the Netherlands. The research table they provided shows that the US balances each website, and the Netherlands mostly focuses on Customer Service. In Dutch, destination opening times are demonstrated all the more frequently. American websites frequently have slide shows and films on their site. Headings are utilized similarly in the two countries. However, a footer bar is frequently missing in Dutch sites. These distinctions in sites could be because of contrasts among dental specialists and dental protection between the US and the Netherlands.

The primary distinction lies in the state of mindset on the site. Dutch sites have a more efficient methodology. American sites center more around areas or pictures of glad, grinning individuals.

Another article by RESEARCH MAZE states that “North American and European cultures tend to use more text, and spell out their messages more explicitly. These are often reflected in users’ website preferences as well.”. At the same time, individuals in the United States will, in general, utilize the Internet for the most part for data, shopping, and diversion purposes. Interestingly, the German site gives more consideration to singularity. For example, singular figures are utilized in the German site as opposed to gatherings.

Many research examines uncovered that utilizing socially suitable structure segments improves the adequacy of the plan and perspectives on plan media.

Positive Perspective

The social components in structure segments like hues, visuals, language, and typographic game plans in intuitive media plans meet the social desires of clients. North American and European crowds incline toward great access and introduction to item data. They additionally appear to have a positive perspective on the neighborhood site.

The investigation tried these recognitions and found that the USA had a more prominent inclination for data on the site to animate trust. Hence, building trust pointers, for example, tributes, surveys, and contextual analyses, ought to be organized when constructing a site, particularly a web-based business one, for these countries. Europe has for some time been a central hub for configuration, easily mixing inventive workmanship and business contemplations into one durable bundle. Moderation, reductionism, diversity — these are a portion of the structuring rules that Europeans have fused to advertise themselves better and stand apart from the rest.

Design can be a very subjective thing.

On the off chance that a web-based social networking business needs to work effectively, it consents to put resources into the incredible structure. Notorieties are made and demolished, as they say, because of the consistently moving nature of the present social crowd. Configuration can go far in guaranteeing that your image motivates trust, validity, and worth. It’s the age when superimposed clipart or two won’t do. It’s the age when a brand picture is particularly the item or administration that individuals become tied up with. You can’t put structure for Europe and the United States and Europe in one container, which is a typical mix-up. This is because, in a genuine sense, each nation is very one of a kind.

Difference between US and European website designs

United States web composition concentrates more on individualization containing personalization highlights, visit pictures of people, singular examples of overcoming adversity, and direct location, for example, utilizing you when contrasted with utilizing we to stress on independence. The plan’s technique is guided by the need to get a client to as fast as could be expected under the circumstances and execute the correct activity instead of taking into account showcasing informing and the long-haul duty with the brand of the organization. Corresponding to this, concentrating on an activity is exceptionally favored contrasted with any substance that can be diverting. This incorporates bigger fringes, geometrical shapes, and even pictures of individuals looking towards a particular bearing, along these lines drawing the client's eye to the call of activity.

French Websites

French sites incline enormous pictures, estimating that it is very unmistakable, pictures of individuals together in gatherings and clear suggestions to take action.

United Kingdom

UK websites have more moderate plan inclinations. The valuing is ordinarily retained from a site client except if you click on an item or float over an image. Hence, as opposed to pushing the transformation, the site will, in general, be increasingly “considerate.”

Scandinavian Websites

The Web Index has complimented Scandinavian nations for good utilization of the web, with nations like Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark making the ‘Best 5’ for properties like all-inclusive access, important substance, and strengthening. General society here is exceptionally sharp, offering to ascend to high versatile use and internet business introduction. In this way, their pictures are top-notch, sites are custom-made with high stand out from accentuation to informing, and are exceptionally practical.

Generally, website designers need to consider the impacts of culture on different procedures, for example, judgment and dynamic, discernments, feelings, and convictions. Worldwide organizations need to discover the harmony between introducing a predictable brand picture and adjusting their structure and message for various markets. Building a genuinely universal web nearness doesn’t mean planning another webpage for everyone.

As a Seattle Web Design Agency, we believe that both presentation and content are important to make a website perfect. Contents that play a key role in SEO(Search Engine Optimization and website ranking)and user experience.

Besides, the presentation will make the information attractive so that customers can read it all without feeling bored. However, different countries will have different notions about how to perform, and it will lead to where it can be a success.

Web designers will continue to follow the requirement to complete a website, but they add their own creativity. By knowing how to blend the two elements will help your website become popular and receptive worldwide.

Depending on the type of company activities, we may have different layouts for each kind. But the information on the web always has to be described visually. A professional website is always strictly controlled to protect user information and update unlimited information immediately for users.

Being able to guarantee customer information will create a good image for the company in public. More and more people use websites to find information, buy products and services. If you are not there, your competitors will be there. Hence, each customer base should be identified, and a website created for them.

The USA vs. Europe

Many consider Europe to be the wellspring of incredible creators, however realizing that the United States is continually delivering extraordinary architects who produce incredible structure work. Overall, it's a local preference, and websites should be developed with the demographic reach in mind.




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