Short Version of SEO

SEO, in short, refers to “Search Engine Optimization.” It basically consists of many strategies that allow the improvement of website rankings on search engines. For example, strategies SEO Experts adopt include optimizing the content and the technical aspects of web pages. Also, related content is cross-linked so that search engine algorithms can understand the relevance. SEO consultants utilize many tools and identify keywords that are more likely to rank higher.

  • SEO draws in more traffic and visitors—especially quality customers who are legitimately interested and stand a higher chance of a conversion.
  • The web pages appear higher during search results will help the business improve the brand.
  • The cost incurred for SEO is far less than other strategies like PPC (Paid Per Click).
  • Appearing on indexed lists pages makes your business all the more effectively known.

1. A keyword analysis is a critical activity in SEO. This enables SEO specialists to discover and focus on phrases that will help a web page move up in ranking.

2. Optimizing the web pages based on specific keywords will start getting the website and web pages to climb the ladder on search results, or more commonly known as SERPS.

3. On-page SEO entails some steps and tasks that “clean” up the website so that Google can better understand the content. Did I mention the content! Yes, having unique and quality content is paramount!

4. Off-page optimization involves linking to the primary domain from external websites. For example, a Seattle SEO expert could be identified as a keyword linked to a related web page. Other examples of off-page optimization include social media postings, article submissions, Google My Business, and discussions on various discussion forums.

SEO is part of any website nowadays. In fact, getting a website built and not following up with online marketing defeats the whole objective of having a website. After all, the whole purpose of a website is to drive traffic. Hence online marketing is a necessity for any business looking to gain exposure and customers.

Questions to ask before starting any SEO Project

  • Is there any analytics available?
  • Has any SEO been done in the past? If so, what and when?
  • Do you have any existing content or documents?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your unique sales proposition?
  • Why do your services/products stand out from your immediate competitors?
  • Do you have company benefit statements?
  • Do you like your site’s message and what it conveys to your customers.
  • If not, what’s an example of what you would prefer?
  • Who is my main point of contact regarding online marketing?
  • Who will review the content and approval?

Take Away on SEO

  1. Be focused on executing changes.
  2. Continually audit and check your efforts.
  3. Monitor, re-align, and change the course of action based on what’s working and what isn’t.
  4. Content, more content, quality content. Yes, solid unique content is a core requirement. Remember Google’s main job is to organize and distribute content.
  5. If all else fails, consider hiring an SEO Agency.



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