Questions you should be asking web developers

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What customers should be asking potential web developers and web design agencies…

Many small businesses new to web design services are usually lost in what they are looking for or ask potential agencies. Before even considering a web developer, it's always a good idea to identify the dos and don’ts. For example, how will you get customers? What’s your annual advertising or website budget.

Websites are a great way to keep customers in touch with their favorite businesses and reach other people in different communities. There are many online web services like Wix, WordPress, Weebly, etc. Many Website Design Services (WDS) give you pre-made templates. With a pre-made template, you don’t get many options on what you can customize due to its has limitations. However, it shouldn’t be your first resort when creating a website. Creating your own custom website is a better alternative to making one from a template because it gives you the freedom to add/remove whatever you want.

Asking the right questions

Many web developers create websites for you from scratch, but knowing who to hire requires quality research and asking the right questions. Think of it as hiring a construction company to build you a house.

As a small business, there are many questions you should ask before using any web design services:

1. Will you review my existing website before building a new one?

Before hiring a new web designer for your business, you should ask the designer a few questions related to the subject to learn about their thought process and potential. If you already have a site, ask your designer for analysis or feedback. A genuine designer won’t persuade you into building a new website if making a few changes is enough.

2. Who are some of your previous clients?

When you are looking for a marketing agency, check if the agency is familiar with its industry. How it went for the previous clients is also important to see their understanding of the business you both about to sign up for.

3. What’s your favorite project and why?

Every web developer or web design agency has a favorite project. It could be something that was challenging or one that allowed the team to be more creative.

4. How will you manage my website?

Understanding how a website will be managed, by who, and what it will include will help any business owner better understand if they should outsource this or do it themselves.

For example, many web design agencies will assign a design manager to your project, and they will be your point of contact. They will walk you through the design process, maintenance, and updates. Also, they will better understand your needs as well as your budget.

5. Will the website be secure?

Having an SSL certificate can help encrypt the communication that goes on between the website and the server. An SSL certificate allows the web developer to implement SSL/TLS encryptions that hold the website's information, public key, and identity. This is an inexpensive option that will safeguard your website.

6. What other measures can increase sales?

Besides having great, UI, SEO, and online marketing, good customer service and a clear refund policy can increase sales. This assures the consumer that they are not getting scammed and creates a trustworthy bond.

7. What will it cost with minimum functionalities?

Many small businesses usually have budgets. Knowing what it would cost for the bare minimum functionalities and having all the bells and whistles will help make that final decision.

8. Hour rate compared to project costs?

It's always a good idea to first know what the hourly rate is and how many hours it will take the web developer to complete the website. Web developers provide fixed website costs but would not spend anywhere near the number of hours and charge the same rate. Based on this information, you will decide whether hiring on an hourly basis or project will be viable.

9. What is your inspiration as a website designer?

It's always a good idea to throw a trick question at a web designer. The benefit of the doubt here is to understand better if they are passionate and give their utmost best when working on your project. You’d be surprised some developers work like production lines!

10. How can you help when it comes to Online Marketing?

Having a website is great, but without it being visible online defeats the whole objective. Ask what online marketing and SEO will be part of the package. In particular, get the specifics of how they will utilize a range of online marketing strategies.

You will find trustworthy web developers, and online marketers will not hide simple tips. In fact, they will guide you in what you can do to help get your website online.


Your business's success heavily relies on a website, it's marketing, and the services or products offered. But knowing who is managing and taking care of your online services should be at the top of the list. After all, the web experts are the ones that will enable your business to grow and compete. Always remember, if you're unable to ask questions to potential web agencies, at least check the faqs on web design and online marketing.




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