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Have you ever wanted to learn to code? Many of us have wanted to learn coding and the various available languages like Python, Java, HTML, and more but don’t know the best way or where to begin. On this journey, many go on; they encounter methods of learning to code, such as textbooks, teachers at school, YouTube tutorials, etc. This much more efficient method of learning exists. A method of learning fit for everyone, with the ability to tailor to everyone’s different needs. This unique method is learning how to code through artificial intelligence or AI. Learning how to code through AI is a fantastic way to begin studying how to code. The many accessible and available platforms scattered throughout the internet are remarkable resources for learning how to code. But why is it the best method, how do they work, how do they work, and why do we use AI to learn coding? There are many ways to learn to code using AI, and there are many benefits.


What is Code?

“In computer programming, computer code refers to the set of instructions, or a system of rules, written in a particular programming language”

These instructions are used to execute tasks and automation to simplify our lives. There have been many coding languages since the first high-level coding language, Plankalkül, in 1944. There have been many new coding languages and various types, such as Front-end and Back-end languages, High-level and Low-level languages, and Interpreted and Compiled languages. Coding is an essential part of our lives and is already integrated into many aspects of our daily lives. Things like traffic lights, websites, washing machines, remotes, and much more use code to assist us daily. With technology improving every day, it would only make sense that coding is, too. Coding is becoming more popular, and methods are available to learn how to code.

Other Methods to Learn Code

There are many ways to learn how to code. One way to learn how to code is learning through coding textbooks. Textbooks are a popular way to learn, whether they are more anecdotal and talk about their personal experiences, roadmaps, and history with coding, or they are more technical and have structured lessons and tutorials. Coding textbooks are filled with knowledge. They cover many topics and have a lot of information and in-depth explanations essential for learning. They take a deep dive and teach as much as possible very thoroughly. They also have a great structure and teach the fundamentals step-by-step. This is important because it helps learners and students to have control and know what to do and how to proceed. It is also an excellent option for offline learning for those without access to the internet or those who enjoy learning that way.

A second approach to learning how to code is through YouTube tutorials and videos. Tutorial videos are another popular way to learn, and students watch videos ranging from short to long to acquire knowledge on their desired topics. Visual learning is a pro for learning to code through tutorial videos. Students can watch examples of code and written projects to learn and follow. This also helps students understand concepts better and retain knowledge. Learning how to code through tutorial videos is very diverse. An array of videos on different topics makes it an excellent learning method. That way, you can find videos on your desired topic and learn. It is also more engaging than reading a textbook; having someone explain these topics makes it easier to follow and understand. Alternatively, these tutorials need more quality and credibility. Many tutorial videos exist, which makes it difficult to know how reliable the instructor is and difficult to find the instructor’s sources. It also means that there are varying teaching qualities, and some instructors might teach well while others might not. Learning how to code through tutorial videos is also not very interactive. There is no easy way to ask questions or get help from these instructors, making it difficult for students. This method also lacks interactive activities. There are no practices or challenges. This method of learning also lacks structure. “YouTube lacks a structured curriculum, making it difficult for learners, especially beginners, to know where to start and how to progress systematically. This lack of structure can lead to knowledge gaps”.

Benefits of Using AI to Learn Code

Another approach to learning how to code is through AI. This prominent method has become more predominant recently due to its assets. With technology adapting and changing each day, so is artificial intelligence. Its benefits are abundant. Learning how to code through AI has the best of both worlds, containing pros from learning to code from textbooks and tutorial videos and pros from things that textbooks and tutorial videos are missing. One benefit of learning how to code through AI is interactive learning.

Learning to code through AI provides interactive activities like challenges, practices, and quizzes. They also have projects for learners to create simple applications to apply their learning. This helps students assess their knowledge and practice what they learned. This is also more engaging than learning from textbooks and tutorial videos. Having a mixture of text and videos helps students learn by having differing methods of learning, keeping students engaged. Interactive learning also helps students be involved by having them do practices and challenges rather than just read or watch. Learning to code through AI is also a great way to get feedback.

When learning, it is essential to improve, so identifying your errors and getting suggestions on improving and explanations is a great benefit to your learning. Getting feedback also helps students get encouraged by knowing what they have to improve on, motivating and engaging learners. Students can also ask questions to AI assistants, this allows students clarify unclear topics and helps their understanding. Personalized learning is also another advantage of learning how to code through AI. These services possess adaptive capabilities to change to fit students’ needs, interests, and learning styles like a puzzle. Matching the student’s preferences helps students learn and be engaged. Students are also more likely to be successful and retain knowledge when the learning is tailored to their needs. It also helps students learn at their own pace. Letting students slowly progress through complex topics and fly through easy topics is an efficient way to learn.

How to Use AI to Learn Code

There are many coding websites for people who want to learn how to code. It is important to pick one based on your needs and interests. Many coding websites offer free courses, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses.

One popular website is Codeacademy. Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski originally founded Codeacademy in August 2011. It is now an interactive online learning website where you can learn how to code. As of late 2023, over 85 million users are from over 190 countries. They have many courses that let you take charge of your learning.

“We have a platform that guides you and teaches you how to code at your own pace” (Codeacademy).

Their lessons are rated by difficulty level and have time estimates to help students know how long they would take to complete. They have a lot of free courses for people wanting to learn. They also offer certification courses, including certificates of completion and professional certifications. There are many tutorials on how to use and navigate the website, including one by the Codeacademy YouTube channel titled ‘How to Use Codeacademy.’

Another popular website is Free Code Camp. Quincy Larson introduced Free Code Camp in October 2014. It is a non-profit organization with a platform that teaches with many tutorials and courses for free and offers many certifications. Their mission is to teach everyone code for free. Around one million people use free code daily. They have many tutorials and projects for everyone to learn and use. Free Code Camp is easy to use, navigate, and start to use.


There are many ways of learning how to code. These include learning how to code using coding textbooks, video tutorials, and websites with artificial intelligence. Using AI to learn to code is a very beneficial way to learn, and everyone interested in learning code should invest their time in learning it this way. With pros like interactive learning, great engagement, getting feedback, and personalized learning, it will become more predominant as time passes. There are not just Codeacademy and Free Code Camp, there are many available websites that teach code that are ready for you to start at any time. Anyone can learn to code, and with these available platforms, you can learn, too. If you dedicate yourself to learning to code using AI, you can be an adept programmer.




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