How to Handle Customer Reviews

How Online Reviews Influence Sales.

Before the internet, face-to-face business required the customers to interact with the shopkeeper. But as the online market has become the primary way to buy. It has created a system for buyers to acknowledge purchases and services. Even sharing opinions and thoughts of products and services that put them off.

According to a survey, there are over 95% of shoppers read online reviews before buying online. The number indicates how much influence reviews can have on sales decisions. Thus, reviews are not a source of feedback information but also a sign of consumer engagement. The number of criticism says more about the quality of the product than the positivity. A product that draws more attention with some negative reviews can be better than a product with few 100% positive reviews. Moreover, online assessment depends on many more factors besides the number of reviews. This includes the rating stars, the review content, as well as the source of the review.

What’s an online review?

  • Subject.
  • Rating stars.
  • Written criticism.

The written criticism is the reason for the Rating Stars. Thus, commonly, the more positive the criticism, the higher the rating stars.

Why are online reviews crucial?

The right amount of positive comments can create a fear of missing out feeling on the first look of your potential clients.

Do Negative Reviews Deter Customers?

Reviews that are bad and ones that show a bad buy will create some hesitation with potential customers, and thus a loss of sales.

What does the number of reviews represent?

High-quality reviews

Example of a High-quality review:


Had ordered this Pull-up Bar doorway last Sunday, and it arrived on the following Tuesday as expected. It has a decent metallic look and soft holders, which fit comfortably to my hands. However, I didn’t expect it to come with screws that require drilling holes onto the wall. I’m living with my hosts, so they don’t allow me to drill any hole on their wall. That’s why I ended up returning it despite the satisfactory quality. I hope that you can include the screwing information in the product images.

Low-quality reviews

Example of a low-quality preview:


It works!

How to get reviews from customers

Example of the following up email:

Dear valuable customer,

We’d love to hear how our products are serving you. Give a us quick review of your opinion in the link down below. Please don’t hesitate to report any problem that you encountered with our product. We are here to maximize your experience and protect your customer’s rights.

Handling negative reviews correctly

In most cases, the negative review arises from your issue

The faster you respond to a problem, the faster the problem is resolved, and the happier your customer. In fact, people are more engaged in giving reviews for brands that listen to customer’s opinions. The reason is that they can sense whether their opinions are treasured and valued appropriately to come for more.

Example of a negative review:

I had to purchase a propane fuel cylinder separately from your flame thrower since you don’t include it in the buying option. It turned out incompatible with each other so I went to return both. However, the propane fuel cylinder is a flammable object so it cannot be returned. I ended up in a very awkward situation with a useless propane fuel cylinder because of your insufficient offers.


Dear valuable customer,

It’s clearly our fault for not including a compatible propane fuel cylinder along with the flame thrower as a bundle. We are deeply sorry for your uncomfortable situation. We will make sure the fuel be included from now on. Besides, we attempted to ease your indignation with decent compensation. A $20 discount has been added to your account along with our thanks for giving us a fair and thorough review. We’d love to hear from you again soon in the near future.


The more reviews, the more visible your product will be

Being transparent about customer review

Online reviews and the sales funnel

There are 5 stages of the sales funnel that represent different levels of influence toward the purchase decision. The materials that make up the funnel are customer reviews. Imagine a potential client as a drop of water falling, and you use your safe funnel to try to catch it. The thicker the funnel, the harder for the drop to fall through, while the wider the width of your funnel, the larger the number of drops you can achieve.

Take away on Reviews.

Reviews, whether it is a video testimonial, a photo, audio, or text, will only help influence sales.

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