How to Handle Customer Reviews

What’s an online review?

Why are online reviews crucial?

Do Negative Reviews Deter Customers?

What does the number of reviews represent?

How to get reviews from customers

Dear valuable customer,

We’d love to hear how our products are serving you. Give a us quick review of your opinion in the link down below. Please don’t hesitate to report any problem that you encountered with our product. We are here to maximize your experience and protect your customer’s rights.

Handling negative reviews correctly

I had to purchase a propane fuel cylinder separately from your flame thrower since you don’t include it in the buying option. It turned out incompatible with each other so I went to return both. However, the propane fuel cylinder is a flammable object so it cannot be returned. I ended up in a very awkward situation with a useless propane fuel cylinder because of your insufficient offers.

Dear valuable customer,

It’s clearly our fault for not including a compatible propane fuel cylinder along with the flame thrower as a bundle. We are deeply sorry for your uncomfortable situation. We will make sure the fuel be included from now on. Besides, we attempted to ease your indignation with decent compensation. A $20 discount has been added to your account along with our thanks for giving us a fair and thorough review. We’d love to hear from you again soon in the near future.




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