How Kids Can Start Programming

Games and Apps

Instinctively, programming appears complex, but this is not always the case. If you are a parent that is new to programming, when introducing programming to your children, you can start simple and easy with some games or apps such as Code Karts. Here, you put bricks together like a puzzle to achieve a goal. Code Karts allows kids to develop reasoning skills, allowing them to think ahead like a flowchart, which helps programmers create an image of their code before they produce it. Another fun app for kids is Hopscotch, which instructs users through video tutorials on how to code games like Crossy Road or PokemonGo then proceed to play the game they just programmed. If you are a parent experienced with programming, you can start with code examples. Show them codes, programs, and possibly games you have made and walk them through the process.

Best Coding Languages for Kids

Now, you might start with simple coding games, either on your personal computer or cell phone, for younger children, but soon they will grow out of learning the basics and should move on to learning code languages if they wish to do so. One easy coding language to start with is Scratch. Scratch is meant for kids 8 to 16 but can be used by anyone as it is an excellent starter to begin learning code. It has a simple graphical interface that allows users to create animations, games, and digital stories. Scratch encourages thinking and problem-solving skills involving and relating to computers. Because Scratch is free, it is being used worldwide in schools at all levels from elementary school through college.

Next Steps to Programming Languages

Once your child has moved on from coding games, apps, and the beginnings of programming language, they might want to move on to more complex learning. This is where languages like Java, C, and C++ come in. Although these languages are not as easy as Python, Scratch, or Ruby, they are the next step when programming and providing more job opportunities. If you or your child plan a career in computer science, these programming languages will help prepare you.


Overall, programming is a principal in our world today. It is important as adults, parents, and workers to educate our children in what the world is evolving into. Similarly, to teaching children to talk, we can also teach them the programming fundamentals. Start simple and progress to more complex learning as they grow. Coding games and apps like Hopscotch or Code Karts are a great start for younger children. If you want your child to jump right into programming, Scratch, Python, and Ruby have an easy syntax to learn and understand. Languages like Java, C, and C++, although being more rigorous, will help prepare you more if you plan to pursue any programming career. Because of the digital significance coding has on our everyday lives, knowing these skills is valuable, whether or not the learner chooses a line of work that’s significant with coding.



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