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Importance of website design.

"Website design has become inevitable to do business." Accordingly, the website must identify what the company delivers compellingly and contain relative information and details, e.g., services, contacts, blogs, and much more. Central to this research report are web design agencies versus independent freelance web design web developers. The advantages or disadvantages compared to the other and how each serves small to mid-size businesses.

Web Design Agency

When it comes to website design or development, organizations or sources seeking service present unique challenges that agencies are well suited to address in many instances. Perhaps what is being sought is a person's extremely private website with comprehensive security measures.

Up to date features and functions

Then there is the total tear-down and rebuild end-to-end (i.e., a new website) with custom features and functions (e.g., colors, tables, video, forms, chat, etc.). Every organization has its own set of unique circumstances for website design or redesign. What's critical is understanding the who, what, when, and where of the web development/design process.

Web Design Cookie-cutter approach

The web design development agency is prepared to meet general challenges presented across the board by virtually all customers. However, things change when requirements depart from cookie-cutter one size fits all narrative.

Freelance Web Design

"Companies spend billions of dollars on influence-related" website solutions these days. For instance, YouTubers, Twitch streamers, Instagrammers, and more create compelling content about everything from personal dog walking services to deli sweets catering.

Transforming User Experience

Candice Zhu said, "WEBSITE MAKEOVER: Transforming the User Experience" (Information Today Inc). For instance, the full-stack web developer handles:

  • Server-side web application logic and integration with different systems.
  • Set up servers and databases.
  • Content interface for easy editing.
  • Implements the visual components (imagery, video, overall look, and feel).
  • Interactive features such as buttons, navigation or tabs, callout actions, and other things enhance overall usability.
  • Content

User Interface Design

After the site structure and wireframe are finalized. The actual design phase starts and is one of the most exciting steps during the design or redesign process, incorporating visual themes from the wireframe to create a clean and modern, functional website.

Lessons Learned

Website (re)design development is a long journey. The initial discovery phase of understanding what is required is essential. This is where the freelance creator takes center stage to find out the issues with the current site and what the customers are looking for. Then use the info accordingly to move in the right direction to create a personal customer experience.

Set Realistic Goals

Illuminate Social supports that the independent freelance designer can easily set priorities and stick with them. As with any project, setting realistic goals is a significant first step. The creator in a confidential environment can always refer to the purposes for direction and guidance.

Content Creation

Small to mid-size brands love creators that can develop a solid and authentic message on topics relevant to their business. This is an area where independent freelance web design developers have the opportunity to excel.


Web Design and Web Development have taken center stage and are front and center. It is not a one-shoe-fits-all. The web, in many respects, is still in its infancy, and there is room to explore and create.



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