• Konda Reddy Yaramala

    Konda Reddy Yaramala

    Software Engineer | Writing about things one at a time | Let’s connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/konda-reddy-y-50ba71157/ | Follow me on Medium!

  • Bashu jagirdar

    Bashu jagirdar

  • Food Fight Studios

    Food Fight Studios

    Short-form animations and visuals that break convention.

  • Alhasansony


  • Jana Krasna

    Jana Krasna

    I work in an online marketing agency that helps clients all over the world create profitable websites or e-shops and increase their profits.

  • Opensblog


  • Jay Sawyer Glenview

    Jay Sawyer Glenview

    Jay Sawyer Glenview is committed to creating a high quality web design that combines imagery and efficiency. Jay Sawyer Chicago Web Services in Chicago.

  • Palash Roy

    Palash Roy

    I am a UX/UI Designer From Bangladesh.I am 2+ years experienced and still, do a full-time job at sixamtech.com I love my profession.https://www.linkedin.com/in/

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