Do’s & Don’ts of Web Design

3 min readDec 28, 2019


  • Establish Clear Goals
    What is the primary goal of your website? What are you attempting to communicate? Define the intentions of your stakeholders. Keep your goal in mind as you design your website. A clear objective will ensure a focused design.
  • Define Your Audience
    Identify the basic demographics of your target audience; age, gender, and profession, for starters. More in-depth research could also reveal more characteristics. This can be accomplished through focus groups and surveys.
  • Utilize Mobile Platforms
    Marketing is not limited to your website. Span the reach of your company’s presence across the most popular social media platforms. Ensure your website also has a mobile-friendly format, as well as a smartphone application if it seems useful to your business goals. Responsive web design is a must.
  • Use Geo-Targeting
    This service ensures ad delivery is based on your audience’s location.
  • Ensure Search Engine Optimization
    Ranking well on search engines will mean that your target audience will find your site more quickly. Utilize strategies to boost the SEO of your website. You may want to check out some SEO case studies here.
  • Track Your Results
    Once your website is designed and complete, you want to verify its success in reaching your target audience. Installed an analytics tracking system to track your success. This will allow you to make adjustments as necessary to expand your online presence.


  • Use Flashy or Cluttered Design
    The last thing you want to do is confuse your viewers. Keep that goal in mind and your design simple and polished. Less is often more. Space allows your message to stand out and be easily communicated to your audience. When it comes to navigation and effective UI, Web Design is a must for an intuitive flow.
  • Have Poor Navigation
    Think about your website as if seeing it for the first time. If you’re a customer, are you able to navigate the site easily? Are there clear links to reach the most popular information? Avoid making the audience have to dig through multiple pages to get where they want. Dropdown menus on the homepage should clearly demonstrate all the possible pages.
  • Fail to Include a Clear Call to Action
    Consider the action you want your targeted audience to take. Do you want them to fill out a survey? Email your business for a consultation? Make sure this action is prominent and accessible on your website.

Effective Web Design Planning…

Return on Investment (ROI)

Before starting any project, we will always ask many questions so that we understand your business needs. For example, such questions would include :

  • Who are/will be your customers?
  • The demographics?
  • Product(s) and/or services that will be sold?
  • What type of design are you looking to have your business reflect online?
  • Will you need your website regularly updated and maintained?
  • Do you have a budget for this project?

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