Do you know how to Google?

The art of Googling

Googling is an art and ultimately can save you a lot of time when searching on any search engine. Of course, web design and SEO trends continually adapt and alter best practices in search engine optimization. After all, a successful business will always have a website in line with the latest SEO trends. Overall, Google generally organizes web pages and websites; hence a website should help this process.

Though we will not cover SEO, we will cover some simple tips and tricks that make it easier for everyone to search. According to Mashable, 3 out of 4 students cannot perform a correct Google search. There was never a how-to Google 101 class that was available to the public. Google was handed to the human population, and it was so easy to follow. A person can literally look at it and know what to do exactly.

When you look at the Google home page, it literally catches your eyes to type something on the search bar. Everything is very Self-explanatory; the website can easily be named one of the most user-friendly sites ever made—no fuss, simply straightforward ergonomic searching. Ultimately, googling for some things like “website costs,” “Local Website Developer,” or “Website Designer near me” is simple as a matter of typing it in the search box!

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